We specialise in a number of areas, including:


Our professional resurfacing services will update your kitchen or bench tops to suit all of your needs, efficiently and at a cost-effective price.

Doors (interior and wardrobe)

Our highly skilled team of technicians can service both interior and exterior doors, using a wide range of colours and finishes.


The team at Auscoat can work with you to create a custom cabinet to suit all of your storage requirements and needs.

Timber restoration

Auscoat can ensure that your timber is properly restored to an extremely high standard.


We provide excellent and high-quality shop fittings to customers at an extremely competitive price.

Furniture restorations

You can trust the skilled team of professionals here at Auscoat to restore your furniture to the highest quality and standard.

Solid timber and timber veneers

Auscoat is proud to provide customers with excellent quality solid timber and timber veneer products.

Architectural finishes

All of our skilled employees are fully qualified and have the essential skills and expertise to provide professional architectural finishes.

Custom finishes

The team at Auscoat can provide you with custom advice and services, to assist you with all of your unique needs and requirements.

Commercial construction and domestic construction

Regardless of the finish, colour or size of the project, Auscoat can guarantee it will be completed to the best possible quality.